Thrillers/Action Adventure


*** Grand Prize Winner ***
 –  Page Awards 2011
After her parents are killed in a random house explosion, 17-year-old Jade Masterson is hunted by a mysterious organization that wants to control her telekinetic powers
Judges’ comments:
“This one’s got it all: great concept, great story, great action sequences, great dialogue…”
“The characters leap off the page!  Killer roles for hot young actors, and a star-making role in Jade.”
– Semi-finalist, Scriptapalooza 2011


Hunted [Rambo meets The Fugitive]


Dishonorably discharged Sgt. Danielle West is accused of killing her fiancé just minutes after they’re reunited. Only she knows the killers are dirty cops framing her for murder. Hunted by the police and the killers, she flees into the mountains where she finds an unlikely ally in her pursuit of justice.
– Finalist, Page Awards 2018
– Finalist, Big Break Screenwriting Contest 2018
– Second Round, Austin Film Festival 2018
– Quarter-finalist, Page Awards 2015
– Top 10%, Academy Nicholl Fellowships 2015


Watch Me

After her husband’s untimely death, a young mother suffers from violent nightmares and wakes up with blood on her hands. When people from her troubled past start showing up dead she fears the worst – that she’s a sleep-walking serial killer.



Sugar & Spies

A British spy, guilted into running his ailing grandmother’s teashop in Washington, must develop a new set of skills to navigate small-town America.
– Winner Seattle Film Summit 2020
– Quarter Finalist Page Awards 2018
– Semi-finalist, Page Awards 2013

Love on the Ropes

A cocky DEA agent bucking for promotion is ordered to go undercover as pro-wrestler Jack the Stripper and falls for his prime suspect.
– Semi-finalist, Page Awards 2016
[Based on the book Love on the Ropes by Pat White]


Got a Hold on You

To save her beloved uncle’s pro-wrestling business, a straight-laced financial advisor swaps her calculator for a fur-trimmed bikini to play the sexy Tatianna the Tigress putting her perfectly planned life at risk.
– Semi-finalist, Page Awards 2011 & 2012
[Based on the book Got a Hold on You by Pat White]



Out of My Mind

⋅ 60 – minute drama
Original series about a teenage girl who suffers from a traumatic brain injury that gives her the ability to see into people’s minds when she looks into their eyes.
– Semi-finalist, Page Awards 2013
[Based on the book, Out of My Mind by Pat White]


48 Hour Film Project Seattle 2015

I had a blast writing for a 48 Hour Film Project Seattle team. We were given our prompt on Friday at 7 p.m. and the deadline was Sunday night at 7 p.m.!  Our film had to feature a holiday, Michael Anthony, a sponge and the line of dialogue: “I need to think.”
The experience gave me a whole new appreciation for everything that goes into making a movie. Thanks to team producer, Phillip Baca, for inviting me.


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